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FIFA Beach Soccer Laws of the Game

Modifications to FIFA Rules Rules

BBSS will use the following rules for SINGER ISLAND & POMPANO BEACH Tournaments

Please read and contact us if you have any questions!


  • All 10 players are able to play (5 on the field and 5 subs)!

  • Subs on the “fly”! However, the exiting player has to leave the field first before the entering player can step on the field! (Law 3)

  • Game time is now 3x10 min periods…3 Min SEMI-FINALS & FINAL GAMES we will use the Golden Goal overtime of 3 min…Penalty sudden corners do not count for points! In Bracket play there will be no overtime and the game will end in a tie.

  • 5 Second rule = as soon as the player has control of the ball or placed the ball, the player has 5 seconds to put the ball in play! If the player takes more than 5 seconds the ball will go to the other team (No time wasting!)

  • Teams will have to wear some kind of uniform (jersey, tank tops, etc.) and distinguish the GK (with a hat, different color shirt, etc)! If a team has no uniforms the Referee will provide pennies! No numbers needed!

  • GK throws: the GK is allowed to put the ball in play with his hands any way he likes (Overhead throw, Underarm throw, etc)! GK can NOT punt the ball which will result in a free kick from the middle line for the opposing team! However the GK can put the ball on the ground and play it with the feet! However, as soon as the ball is in play (meaning put on the ground) it is alive! No traditional goalkicks!

  • All Free-kicks are direct! No wall! Taken by the player fouled! The player who was fouled must take the free kick, unless he is injured. The injured player has then to come off the field and the substitute will have to take the free kick!

  • Free-kicks in attacking half: all players have to stay behind the ball! (see Law 12)

  • Free-kicks in defensive half: all players have to create a funnel so that there is no player between the ball and the goal! (see Law 12)

  • Double Back Pass (Law 16): A team can pass the ball one time to the GK’s hands …NOT two consecutive times! However if a opposing player touches the ball after the first back pass, the team is allowed again to pass the ball to the GK’s hands! The ball can be passed to the GK’s feet unlimited! However, the 5 second rule applies!

  • 5 Second Rule in the GK area: as soon as the ball is in play and in the GK area the 5 second rule is active, meaning the GK or the field players have 5 seconds to get the ball out of the GK area! If the ball remains in the GK area more than 5 seconds at a time, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team!

  • Points for games..... 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a Loss

  • Game Schedules may change for some rare unforeseen reason, please check with the head table if you are planning on leaving the area for any reason. Status updates will be on facebook as well (rain delays, game changes, ect).


MODIFICATIONS - Any or ALL of the following modifications are permissible

  • Size of Pitch

  • Size, weight and material of the ball

  • Width between goalposts, Height of the crossbar from the ground

  • Duration of periods of play

  • Number of players (female in co-ed divisions)

  • Number of Referees

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