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Beach Soccer is such a wonderful way to spend a weekend (or two) in the summer time. Friends, Teammates - and Families come together to get some sun and exercise a few times a year.  

We both love the sport - whether on grass or on the beach.  We have spent many years playing on both womens and coed teams, which we would spend every weekend traveling to a different tournament.  So we finally brought beach soccer to PALM BEACH COUNTY!!! We now get to enjoy watching so many teams come in and play. For over a decade now, we have formed new friendships - watched the younger kids grow up and play in the adult leagues and have even had their kids start to play as well.  We hope that after participating in our tournaments that you, too, will have the love and passion that we do for this sport. 

This is our summer passion. We have full time careers outside of Beach Soccer. Fern is a Middle School Teacher and Robyn is a Director of a Rehab Center in Delray Beach. We have been involved in soccer for over 45 years and can see ourselves continuing with the tradition for another 45.

So whether this is your first time playing - or  you have been around for a while - we appreciate seeing you  and hope you will enjoy the weekend.

We look forward to sharing our fun with you!

Fern & Robyn

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